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Retirement Plan Services

Through our alliances with Retirement Plan Advisory Group™ and GRP Advisor Alliance, we offer objective advice on how to structure a competitive, qualified retirement plan that aligns with your business goals and cost parameters. Serving as an objective guide for plan sponsors, we help you navigate through the maze of investment options, plan design considerations, participant education, vendor resources, and more.

Our services include:

Fiduciary Support

We assist with fiduciary risk management strategies, helping you keep your 401(k) or 403(b) plan in compliance with ever-changing regulations, and systematically monitoring your plan’s investment options. Our professionals can provide fiduciary responsibility, including:

  • Plan policy development and documentation, including an Investment Policy Statement and Committee charter
  • Fiduciary and Retirement Committee training and ongoing education
  • Comprehensive fiduciary oversight reviews and checklists
  • Meeting minutes and plan records documentation and retention

Investment Counseling

We will guide you to a competitive retirement plan that is right for your organization by serving as your investment counsel. This includes:

  • Investment Policy Statement- We assist you in developing a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to serve as a blueprint for selecting and monitoring the plan’s investments
  • Investment Selection- It’s important to construct a well-balanced investment lineup that offers broad diversification across asset classes. We make investment recommendations based on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation process
  • Investment Monitoring- We conduct quarterly investment reviews to ensure performance and expenses remain consistent with plan objectives and IPS criteria
  • Target Date Funds-Target date analysis and custom target date solutions

Plan Benchmarking

An organization has an ERISA obligation to ensure that what you or your participants are paying for the cost of your plan’s investments, record-keeping, and administration can be deemed as “reasonable.”

Request for Proposal Due Diligence Process:

  • Gathering data and pricing
  • Analyzing costs, services, and investment choices
  • Facilitating finalist meetings
  • Monitoring of participation levels and performance
  • Plan cost benchmarking and analysis against other vendors and plans
  • Guidance on areas of improvement

Retirement Plan Design

Working with Kelley Investment Advisory Services means that plan sponsors and corporations can often simplify complex corporate retirement plan obligations and plan for the well-being of their company and participants, including:

  • Employer contribution strategies
  • Evaluation of qualification and eligibility issues
  • Compliance with legislative changes
  • Support services to simplify plan administration
  • Optimal use of safe harbor, auto enrollment and auto increase provisions

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